What do I need to do before my Microbrows treatment?
Do not take aspirin, ibuprofen, blood thinners, or drink alcohol 24 hours prior to and after your appointment. 
- Discontinue Retin-A skin care products close to the area two weeks prior and after your procedure
- Discontinue use of AHA skin care products close to the brow area one week prior to your procedure
- No waxing, laser or electrolysis one week prior to procedure
- And please, no Botox or fillers in the area two weeks prior to appointments 

What about after my Microbrows treatment?
- Aftercare will be discussed at your appointment
- You will leave with instructions and the necessary components to conduct and maintain proper aftercare
- Take a look at our aftercare form here

Who is not ideal for this procedure?
- Under the age of 18
- Accutane use (within 12 months of appointment) 
- On any or has taken any anticoagulants; aspirin, alcohol, other blood thinners in the last 24 hours
- Severely oily skin (pigment will look more solid than like hair strokes)
- Diabetes type 1 or 2 (prone to slow healing and infection)
- Other autoimmune diseases;  lupus, graves, etc. (please obtain your doctor's advice or clearance)
- Thyroid disease (medication may cause pigment to not retain properly)
- For Lips/Eyeliner, someone with herpes outbreaks more than 3x in the last year (can risk pigment retention)
- Active acne breakouts in the area to be treated
- For Lash Enhancement / Eyeliner, someone with an active stye or Blepharitis
- Pregnant or nursing
- Allegies to metals
- Skin Irritations near area; sunburn, Psoriasis, etc. 
- History of keloid scarring
- Take a look at our medical history & consent forms here