In Your Face!

In the permanent cosmetics industry "the struggle is real". But like, really real! Imagine what we go through as the artist. I mean, we are primarily working on women. Women have been known to be hard to please. I can say this because I might be a hard to please woman myself. (*insert shrug*)

I do believe the key to being happy is simply making the choice to be. When choosing someone to enhance your beauty (regardless of the procedure), do your research. Ask your friends who they like. Stop and ask someone that has the look your desire. Also, be realistic! 

I love and live for the relationships I have with my clients. In your consultation with me you will find a goal that we will achieve together. It may not happen in one appointment but I will always do my best to deliver a realistic expectation of our journey to achieve this goal. It truly is the start of a new relationship. I welcome you to book a beauty consultation. 

Benefits of Cosmetic Tattooing: A Fearless Mug Down For Starters


This is a real thing and you know it! I used to avoid a certain bar just because the bar owner gave these weird hugs that somehow resulted in me leaving his embrace with a smudged brow. It would take me a good 10-15 minutes to land the perfect bitch brow on my face using my favorite Bobbi Brown angle brush and I was on a mission to carry them through the night! 

Most women have their one thing they can't leave the house without doing to their face. For some, it’s a stroke of mascara or a dab of gloss, for others it might be a little concealer or a pop of color to the cheeks. For me, it has always been to add the body of my non-existent brows. God forbid I go into Thunderbird Coffee to grab a delicious honey nut latte and run into an ex-boyfriend and not have my brows on point! OMG! Anxiety attack. Now that is a bunch of bullshit. What would one even have to do on this earth to have that kind of karma nightmare occur?
Don't answer that.

Let's move to new relationships or current ones that are healthy and deserving because we have learned not to settle. As women, we like to feel pretty. Can we all admit that when we are wearing something bangin with our hair and makeup on point, we are unfuckwithable? Duh. We shine so hard on these days. We shine everyday whether we feel it or not. I'm sure you have all heard that somebody's grandma/mother used to say, "If you're not feeling your best, put on red lipstick." Well grandma, that shit kinda works. If red is not your color then replace that suggestion with whatever your "go to" is. Heels maybe? Let's get pretty and act pretty. Inside and out!

For those of you that know me, you know that I will only tattoo the most natural brows, liner, and lips. I offer an enhancement to your pre-existing beautiful face. I want you to feel like you, only the best and slightly enhanced you. Sure you'll be able to get out of the shower or swimming pool and look alive. But think passed that even. Think about the confidence in a hot make-out sesh knowing that that person isn’t going to rub a brow off! Silly but so true. You'll even get to wake up next to someone and not have to run to the bathroom to check for a brow disaster! No more sweating off brows at the gym either! Ohhh all the things. 

Don't let your lack of brows hold you back one more day. Win your face back!

Brow game, on.


Microblading. WTF?!

Ladies! Newsflash for those of you who don't know...MICROBLADING IS A TATTOO!!!! If you are preggers, diabetic, or just want to know if you can have this procedure done, ask your doctor if you can get a tattoo. If your doc (or google) says you can't get a tattoo, then you absolutely CAN NOT get microbladed! 

Moving right along...Who needs it? YOU. Who wants it? YOU. Who can afford it? YOU! One of my most frequently asked questions is, "Why do you charge $1,000 when other people are charging half?".  Let's just set that one straight. We are only talking about your face, right? I have 12 years of experience in cosmetic tattooing and 20 years of experience in hair and makeup. Microblading is just the newest technique in cosmetic tattooing. Hair strokes were already being created with a machine before the microblading hand tool hit social media. This procedure is a two step process. 5-6 hours total split between two appointments. From the moment you walk in till the end of your perfecting appointment, you are under my wing. We all have so many questions and concerns. We all expect perfection. I encourage you to do your research and choose a person that has the same taste in brows as you! Seems obvious, yeah? Results will vary depending on after care, skin tone, skin maturity, skin type, etc. Having realistic expectations is a must.                                                     

Another word of advice. Understand that this is an art and find someone you trust with your face. I welcome picky, high maintenance, impossible, yet AMAZING women of all types. Bring me a challenge. Otherwise, betch please.

Forever wishing you babe brows,

Jody Rivera