Pretty, pretty.

Over Mother's Day weekend, I laid on my mom's bed as she forced me to watch a pre-recorded episode of Dr. Oz. The episode featured a beautiful woman in her late 40's that has written a book about keeping a trim waist and includes recipes to promote healthy digestion. She adds cucumber, ginger, lemon (and some other obvious ingredient that I already can't remember) to water and BAM! Skinny. She blends fresh spinach with fresh fruit, always adding different fiber boosting powders and BAM! Skinny. I don't sit still well yet here I am with my mom on Mother's Day and all she wants is for me to sit still and watch this show. I do it. I did it! It's done. I somewhat survived it. Did I learn anything? Fuck yes I did. Women need to stop lying to each other!

The author, again, she's beautiful. I immediately point out to my mother that she has lots of botox and fillers. However, it is done well. She's not over done either, which is an art at 48. My 73 year old mom, that has never had a needle put in to her face, becomes very offended. "No ma'am, Jody! Look at the way she eats. She's just taking good care of herself!"

I don't have the heart to break it down to her. The author on this episode continues to show gratitude for the numerous compliments in regards to her physical appearance. She lets every compliment ride on the fact that she drinks the juice. Ladies, we are all drinking the juice. What else are we doing? Eating well and exercise, right? Totes. Once you're nearing your mid to late 30's, 40's and so on.... then what? 

Chemical peels, botox, liposuction, microblading, tummy tucks, IPL, dermaplaning, microderm, fillers, etc. The list seriously goes on and on. The creams, the potions, the secrets. Can we talk about them? I encourage you to build the courage to ask another woman around your age what she's had done and she her reaction. Many of you talk freely with your close friends about procedures or treatments you've experienced. I love that. As women age, we should mature emotionally as well and come together as sisters. 

If you've ever considered doing something about those elevens or drooping cheeks (also known as jowls), go get a consult just to see what your options are. It's 2017. Be free of guilt. You deserve to look and feel like the best you. 

When I consult with my clients, I am always honest. Also, watch out, I'm always honest. Ask me what I think you need and I'll tell you. Try me.